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Brandenburg UMC Alter w/Liturgical Scarf


Purples, grays, blues have traditionally been used for seasons
of preparatory or penitential character such as Advent or Lent.

White and gold have been used for joyous seasons and events with special Christological flavor such as Christmas or the Baptism of the Lord.

Flame red has been used for occasions relating to the Holy Spirit such as Pentecost or ordinations, and blood red has sometimes been used in Holy Week or for commemorations of martyrs.

Green, while its suggestion of growth, has been used in seasons of less distinct character, such as the Season After Epiphany or the Season after Pentecost.

The word liturgy comes from a Greek word meaning "work of the people." The term refers to the entire order of worship and is generally used in churches where the congregation performs parts of the worship service by speaking or praying in unison. Life is a process through which we are continually evolving through cycles within ever increasing cycles. The Liturgical Calendar is a path, a journey, a series of services, ceremonies, rituals and public worship that follows a yearly cycle of birth, life, death and resurrection through Jesus the Christ.

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