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The present Brandenburg United Methodist Church was erected in 1883 at the corner of Old Washington Road (Rt. 97) and Streaker Roads on the foundation of an earlier structure built between 1863-1877 (which burned). It took its name from William Brandenburg of the House of Brandenburg, who was boarn in Germany in 1798. After his marriage to Rachael Purdum of Frederick County, where his family had originally settled, Mr. Brandenburg purchased a mill and large tract of land on Piney Run. Because of his mill and sawhill at his farm, other families moved into the area and a schoolhouse was needed. Mr. Brandenburg gave the land and lumber for the school, which as also used by the Methodist and Lutheran Congregations for worship services. The original schoolhouse was converted into a home and still remains.

A "jug breaking" for building of a new Methodist Protestant Church as reported in the Democratic Advocate on August 25, 1882. The Methodist Protestant and Lutheran congregations shared worship facilities unit December 1882, when both were building new churches. Research by Harold Robertson indicated that the church was in existence in 1877. Land and lumber for the church was also donated by Mr. Brandenburg. The trustees were Rev. George R. McCready, Joseph J.K.P. Brandenburg, John Paul, John K. Shipley and Thomas Belleson.

The 1883 structure later burned down the present sanctuary was built on the same foundation. There were two additions in 1952 and 1971. The present church was extensively damaged by fire in 1979. The inscriptions were recorded in June 1991 by Harold Robertson.

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